Meet Milo








Meet Milo🐾 Milo was found as a stray. His finders tried to locate his owners for a couple weeks prior to surrendering him. He is the sweetest boy who loves to be wherever you are! Milo is adjusting well to his foster home and is doing great with young children and the other pets. We can’t wait to get him into the vet! The few teeth he has left are barley hanging on by tartar, he is overweight, and has a large growth on his hip, his hair is thin and his skin is very dry and itchy! Who knows how long it’s been since he was groomed and had a nail trim. πŸ˜” Milo will see our veterinarian soon! Update: It is very hard to estimate an age but the vets think he is 11-13 years old. He was updated on all his vaccines, got a microchip and bloodwork. Milo was cleared for surgery and had the growth on his left hip removed and a dental cleaning. Unfortunately all his remaining teeth (😎 were too rotten to save. Once he heals he will feel so much better and will have no problem adapting to not having teeth. Milo is now accepting adoption applications πŸŽ‰