Meet Fisher







Welcome Fisher We are not too entirely sure of Fishers past but we were told that his owner passed away and since then has been rehomed a couple times. Fisher is around 8 years old and seems to be somewhat taken care of as he came fully vaccinated, neutered and his teeth are not too bad. Fisher saw our vet to check a lump on his chest which we think is a lipoma, he had bloodwork which came back all normal and they cut his nails since they were very long. Fisher is a sweet boy, likes to follow his person everywhere, lays right next to you at night and he likes play with his toys. It will take Fisher a while to warm up and trust anyone. We don’t think fisher was well socialized so he is overwhelmed easily and can bite out of fear. Fisher would do best in a calm home, no young children, no cats or other small animals and possibly as an only dog. He foster home does have one other dog and they are getting along so it will depend as we get to know him more.