Our Dogs

There are a variety of wonderful yorkies that come through Yorkie Luv Rescue. Most or these babies are available for adoption. We would love for you to view our Available for Adoption page. If you think your family just may be the perfect match for one of our available pups, please fill out the following adoption application.

From time to time a dog is considered  not adoptable for a variety of reasons such as permanent medical conditions, emotional issues and even age. Sometimes this is apparent before we rescue, other times it is not. These dogs still deserve a loving home and good quality of life. In the Forever Ours program, we provide ongoing medical care while they spend the remainder of their life with their foster family. Head on over to our Forever Ours page to see how you can support us in our mission to provide a quality life and continued medical care.

Sadly, some of our yorkies pass the rainbow bridge before we can find an adoptive home. These babies will forever be in our hearts and Forever Loved.

Of course, we just adore when we find the perfect family and pet match; the happily ever afters. We have been honored to work with some amazing families. We wish them all the best and lots of love with their new family members.