Meet Chloe



















Chloe is ready for her forever home.


Welcome our newest rescue Chloe πŸ’• Chloe was found as a stray and is around 9 years old. Her long coat was nothing but mats all the way down to her skin. Her skin was cover in dandruff and smelt awful. Her nails were severely over grown and growing into her paw pad leaving a hole once removed. Her finders were able to cut all the mats off and once we got her she was professionally groomed. Chloe will need a dental as you can imagine her teeth are horribly covered in tartar and it appears she has an abscess draining from her back molar. She also will need all vaccines, a microchip, bloodwork and spayed. In the meantime she has adjusted beautifully in her foster home. She is a sweetheart and loves to cuddle. She’s getting along great with all the other animals in the home along with young children. She loves to play, run around the house and fetch a ball. She will be available for adoption once she is cleared medically. Watch for her updates πŸ’•