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Meet Jerry

PUPDATE:   4/6/22
Jerry is home after surgery, and is doing quite well! He ended up getting bilateral tibial crest transposition (basically removing part of a bone, moving it to the center, and securing with wires to keep his patellas in place), tendon release, and lateral imbrication (sutures to stabilize the stifles). The doctor also gave him platelet rich plasma injections in both shoulder joints to treat chronic instability and medial glenerohumeral injuries (damage to the shoulder joint ligaments). We were just planning on doing the right shoulder, but once he took rads and felt him, it was evident that his left shoulder was having issues as well, likely from being the leg that was doing the most work. These injections work by activating cells to repair damaged and wounded tissues.
Jerry’s biggest complaint right now is the peg legs, but the bandages will be removed Thu, and the harder recovery will begin. He ate his 1/2 portion of dinner, and is resting well after an almost 3 hour surgery.
Jerry has been here for a month now, and is settling in. He is a shy boy who won’t seek attention, but loves gentle pets. He seems to prefer a calmer environment, and is generally calm himself. He does use his voice though, tries to run outside (he currently can’t), and enjoys daily walks. He is perfectly house broken and loves his crate.
He has met with the orthopedic surgeon and has severe bilateral luxating patellas, along with weak ligaments in his front right leg (likely as a result of his neck damage), which causes his front right leg to luxate. He will be getting bilateral luxating patella surgery, along with a prp (platelet rich plasma) injection for his right leg to strengthen his ligaments and keep the leg in place. He is scheduled for April 4th, and will have a few months of recovery. Once he’s recovered, he will get his dental, and then will be available for adoption.
Meet Jerry! Over the weekend, the Arizona Humane Society reached out to us to help this sweet approximately 9 year old boy, and we are glad that we had an open foster. While at the Humane Society, they noticed that he doesn’t always use his front right leg, and when he does, it often gives out, leading to him falling. His back legs give him issues as well. He had radiographs taken while showed that he has problems with his cervical spine (specifically narrowing of c6-t1). This is likely a chronic disk injury that has caused problems with his right front leg. He was also diagnosed with bilateral luxating patellas, with his right hind leg having a medially displaced patella. From exam with our vet today, it can be manually put in place, but it pops back out.
Right now, we are exploring treatment options for him and he may need surgery for his right hind leg, and he also needs a dental due to typical Yorkie teeth.
His foster says that he is as sweet as he is adorable, and is a fantastic dog! He does fall and has a slow, awkward gait, and he is not able to be as active as he wants to be. He has been started on a pain and anti inflammatory medicine for the time being.
This sweetheart needs our help!
Thank you to Phoenix Animal Care Coalition (PACC911) for your donation.
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Meet Lola and Gizmo

Lola and Gizmo found their forever home
Lola is 12 years old and Gizmo is 7 years old. These two sweethearts will be adopted as a pair. Lola is Gizmo’s Mother💕and they are very bonded.
Lola follows her foster mom everywhere and is always curious to know what’s going on around the house. Gizmo was very shy at first. He hid in corners all day and didn’t want to look at anyone but now that he has warmed up he loves hanging out with his family and all his foster friends but he still likes to find a dark corner to nap in. They both love to snuggle in your lap and keep you company all day, they really are the sweetest! Lola is 6 pounds and Gizmo is now 9.4 pounds 🎉Gizmo was 11.6 pounds when he came to us and has been on a weightloss journey 💪
They both do great with other dogs, young children and cats.
Lola & Gizmo‘s ideal home would be calm and with someone who is home majority of the day. They are not into playing much and would rather sit on the couch and snuggle with you.
Gizmo will need help learning to walk on a leash (he sits and doesn’t move) and they are both potty trained/ use a dog door.
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Meet Eloise










Eloise is a sweet, spunky, opinionated grandma, who is not afraid to make her opinions known. She expects to start her day at about 2am, and will demand that you get up with her for a few minutes so she can make her morning rounds in the backyard. She’s still getting comfortable with getting attention, and I think that she likes it, but she shies away a bit still. We are still trying to figure out her medical needs, and she has needed fluids and an enema, but blood work and xrays (multiple rounds of both ) did not give us answers as to why. She will be getting spayed and her remaining 4 teeth pulled in a few weeks, once she’s out of season. She will feel so much better without those teeth rotting away.
She is still as fashionable as ever, and she loves to wear cozy clothes 😍.

Meet Eloise, a super senior who came from county a week ago, and rocks the latest in doggy fashion! This petite girl (currently just over 5 pounds) saw our vet over the weekend, and has 4 quite damaged vertebrae that have caused some loss of sensation and movement/posture differences, but the damage is old and has some bridging so she’s on good pain meds. She may be uncoordinated, sometimes stand on the tops of her feet, and usually not be aware when she’s defecating, but she has sweet moves! She also has all over alopecia and is underweight, and her blood work did not give answers as to why. She has typical old dog hearing loss and vision changes, but she is not bothered by it. She is settling in very well with her foster, and will need to be spayed once she’s out of heat (yes, this 14+ year old girl is in heat, and her foster is a vet tech who is well versed in the signs of pyometra), and get her 4 remaining teeth pulled. There’s a few small mammary masses that we are watching and hoping will go away once she’s out of heat. She is the cutest little old lady, and has a sassy yet sweet personality to match her adorable looks. Eloise, you will never live on the streets again.


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Meet Coco




Coco found her forever home

Welcome Coco!
Coco was an owner surrender due to her owner moving into assisted living. Coco is 7 years old and just a doll. She just came to us and needs to see our vet. Watch for her updates 💕🐾
Available for Adoption

Meet Chipper

Chipper is doing amazingly well, and is still the biggest cuddle bug. He has gotten better with not being glued to me at all times, but if the opportunity is there, he definitely takes it. I have learned that he does well with the large dogs that he’s met (GSP and Cane Corso), so he could go to a home with a large dog. He still loves to go for walks, and is down to about 4 pounds. He is ready and waiting, and I would love for him to have his forever home in time for his birthday in April ❤️.
Meet Chipper, who came to us at the beginning of the month. He is a 9.5 year old (10 on April 23rd) who was surrendered by his owner who was unable to take care of him. He has been living with someone with dementia for the last 18 months since his dad died, and needed help. Poor boy has been attacked by coyotes 3 times, has a history of corneal ulcers, and has had a grid keratotomy done to help his ulcers. He already sees Dr. Norman at Eye Care for Animals, which is who we take all of our eye problem dogs to. His foster had been working with his mom (not who he was living with, due to his mom also being unable to care for him) for a month to get him, and we are glad that he is finally safe.
Unfortunately, his care was not kept up with recently, and he is a mess. He’s obese, has an ear infection, skin infection from the urine on his feet, and his eyes are not great.
He is sweet, friendly, and has some basic training already.
He saw our vet immediately, and has been treated for all of his infections. He was diagnosed with dry eye in his right eye, so will be on medication for life for that, and he has an appointment at the eye specialist at the end of the month.
He is not available for adoption, so watch for his updates as we work on his medical needs!
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Meet Olivia “Livvy”




Olivia found her forever home
Welcome Olivia (Livvy) to the YLR family 💕
Livvy is a super sweet senior lady. She loves to snuggle and sleep on every dog bed in the house. When it’s time to go to bed, she will expect to sleep with her humans, as we quickly realized. 🙂 She gets along well with her foster brothers and sisters but would also do well as an only dog. Livvy is housebroken and will let you know when it’s time to go out. She is on daily meds for seizures. Her previous owner said she had one every few months. Livvy will do best with an owner who is home most of the day. The little lady also LOVES to go for walks! She’s an angel on a leash. Livvy needs to live in a single family home instead of a condo, apartment or townhouse because she likes her voice to be heard.
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Meet Benny











Meet Benny. He just turned 1 year old on December 12th and weighs 5lbs. He is potty trained and crate trained. He came to Yorkie Luv Rescue as an owner surrender.

His previous owners actually rescued him from his original owners who could not afford emergency surgery to remove a plastic bag he ingested and wanted him put to sleep. Thankfully, the vet tech that worked at the clinic knew her parents were looking to add to their family and she paid for the life saving surgery.

While his second owners loved and adored Benny, their two female 9 year old resident dogs did not like a high energy puppy. So after 3 months of Benny being bullied by their dogs, they made the heartbreaking, but correct decision to surrender him to us so he could have the life he deserves.

The family for Benny needs to keep up with this very high energy non-stop ball of energy. He loves to play play play, go on walks, and destroy his toys. He will tend to swallow pieces and you need to look out for that so he doesn’t go though another surgery.

He needs a home where there is another young dog to play with that is close to his age, size and energy level. He can not be an only dog. He is also not really a cuddler. If you are looking for a dog to baby, Benny is not the dog for you. Also no young children. Benny loves his toys and if a little hands grab at his toys or him he will snap at you. We will only consider applications that meet these requirements.

Benny is not ready to be adopted until he is neutered and has healed. However, you may fill out an application at to be considered.

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Meet Harley








Harley found his forever home



Harley is a adorable little guy who is 5 years old. He was being treated for a bulging disk which lead to arthritis. Harley needs a quite home with no ruff housing (even tho he loves it). Harley is a great cuddle bug. Loves to go on walks and play with his ball. If you are interested in adopting Harley please fill out a adoption application