Meet Magnolia

Meet Magnolia! Sweet Magnolia is an 11 week old Yorkie mix puppy, who recently came to the rescue. This girl is all puppy and thinks that everything is The Best Thing Ever. She loves to play with people, dogs, and cats, chew, and make sure that her foster mom has fully puppy proofed the house. She is full of love for everyone and everything ❤️.
After a few days, her foster noticed that Magnolia was constantly damp around her vulva and was leaking urine, and a sanitary shave revealed an odd looking vulva. Her vet agreed that things just are not normal, and even checked her for testicles due to the appearance (none felt). A urinalysis revealed a UTI, which she’s being treated for, but she does need an abdominal ultrasound to check for ectopic ureters. Her vet clinic has a great internist who does mobile ultrasounds, and due to Magnolia’s different anatomy and urine leakage, we need to get her checked.
Magnolia also needs an umbilical hernia repaired when she gets spayed, and needs to finish all rounds of vaccines.
Magnolia is NOT available for adoption yet, and no applications will be accepted at this time, so please watch for her updates.
Please help us help her!
Check/cash mail to:
500 N Estrella Parkway B2 Suite 495
Goodyear, AZ 85338