Meet Gunner and Ladie










Gunner and Ladie are a bonded pair, brother and sister! They are so well behaved! They haven’t had one accident in the house! They are doggie door trained but I don’t have a doggie door. They quickly learned to stand by my sliding glass door if they need to go out! Gunner doesn’t have any teeth but looks adorable with his little tongue hanging out! He has a very healthy appetite and loves to give kisses! Ladie loves her belly rubs! I was told they liked sleeping in their beds but they quickly adapted to sleeping in my bed and are awesome cuddlers. They are in no hurry to get up in the morning! They love to go on walks although they get quite vocal when they see other pups! They are just excited and want to say hello! They are good with other pups, but prefer ones their own size. The are good with kids. Gunner and Ladie are little love bugs and are happy cuddling all day! They are Velcro pups…..they will follow you everywhere! When left alone, they look out my front window and wait for me to get home.