Meet Eloise










Eloise is a sweet, spunky, opinionated grandma, who is not afraid to make her opinions known. She expects to start her day at about 2am, and will demand that you get up with her for a few minutes so she can make her morning rounds in the backyard. She’s still getting comfortable with getting attention, and I think that she likes it, but she shies away a bit still. We are still trying to figure out her medical needs, and she has needed fluids and an enema, but blood work and xrays (multiple rounds of both ) did not give us answers as to why. She will be getting spayed and her remaining 4 teeth pulled in a few weeks, once she’s out of season. She will feel so much better without those teeth rotting away.
She is still as fashionable as ever, and she loves to wear cozy clothes 😍.

Meet Eloise, a super senior who came from county a week ago, and rocks the latest in doggy fashion! This petite girl (currently just over 5 pounds) saw our vet over the weekend, and has 4 quite damaged vertebrae that have caused some loss of sensation and movement/posture differences, but the damage is old and has some bridging so she’s on good pain meds. She may be uncoordinated, sometimes stand on the tops of her feet, and usually not be aware when she’s defecating, but she has sweet moves! She also has all over alopecia and is underweight, and her blood work did not give answers as to why. She has typical old dog hearing loss and vision changes, but she is not bothered by it. She is settling in very well with her foster, and will need to be spayed once she’s out of heat (yes, this 14+ year old girl is in heat, and her foster is a vet tech who is well versed in the signs of pyometra), and get her 4 remaining teeth pulled. There’s a few small mammary masses that we are watching and hoping will go away once she’s out of heat. She is the cutest little old lady, and has a sassy yet sweet personality to match her adorable looks. Eloise, you will never live on the streets again.