Meet Macy









Meet Macy! Macy is the sweetest, calmest and most gentle girl you could ever meet! She is a beautiful 13.5 year old Morkie (Maltese and Yorkie). Macy is doing great with other dogs and young children but we are unsure what she thinks about cats. She loves treats, and laying on her back for lots of belly rubs. Macy likes to socialize with everyone in the morning but tends to keep to herself the rest of the day. We think that’s what she is used to as we were told she spent most of her time confined in a crate or outside alone. Her prior owners were considering euthanasia since she was becoming an inconvenience due to her increasing medical needs and she started falling into the pool. Macy is blind due to cataracts, has valley fever, has elevated liver values, stage 4 dental disease and hyperadrenocorticism(Cushing’s disease). Macy is currently be being treated for valley fever with fluconazole and with Denamarin to help support her liver function. Although Macy had a positive Cushing’s test a year ago her treatment was never started. Macy will see one of our veterinarians soon to have a medical exam and lab work so we can get her the proper treatment that she needs. In the meantime we will continue to spoil her with lots of treats and belly rubs!