Meet Bella










My name is Bella and I will be 15 years old this December. Don’t let my age fool you!! I still have a lot of spunk and love to give! My foster mom doesn’t believe that I’m almost 15 and said I look great! Somethings I love to do are: go outside, go for walks, lay in whatever I can find like the hamper, moms bags, and my little brothers car seat. Of course I love to eat and treat time! But my favorite thing is to be anywhere my family is! I also love the pool! I surprised my foster mom when I got into the pool all by myself and relaxed on the steps with her. She said she’s going to get me my own pool float since I love to float around and be right in the action with everyone. I am a good girl with other dogs and children but I don’t know what cats are and if I will like them. I hear I was surrendered since I pee in the house but after my medical exam we found out I have a urinary track infection. I’m currently taking antibiotics and I hope that helps me feel better! Once I’m done with the antibiotics I will be able to have my teeth cleaned and start looking for my forever home. Keep watching for my updates!