Forever Loved

Meet our precious angels that have passed to the rainbow bridge. These babies will always have a special place in our hearts.


Angel was an 11 year old 5 pound blind baby who ended up at the county shelter. With a severe collapsed trachea, luxating patellas and Valley Fever Angel finally succumb to illness and years of neglect.







From Kiki’s amazing foster mom, Mafe Salazar:

“I have the great honor of meeting Kiki.
Kiki took over my heart the second I saw him and yesterday when I had to let him go it was horrible, I felt a dreadful anguish and still I cannot understand Why? … Why so soon?
Kiki was a wonderful boy, although he was blind and in pain from the first moment I received him, he did not let a single moment go to express his love and appreciation. Kiki was lovely… he stole my heart immediately!!!
Kiki had a horrible life. He was blind and dirty, with his hair completely matted, infested with fleas, the twigs that he had in his eyes and in his anus damaged these areas and, worst of all, he was in pain. The doctor noted that his deteriorating conditions were a result of his prior living conditions. I think the reason he was given up is because his owner knew his condition was severe. This got me angry. Kiki was so sweet, I wanted to hold him but his pain was unbearable. I had a hard time understanding how an individual leaves a loyal animal at a shelter knowing full well he would be euthanized. Then she proclaimed her love for him by sending pictures. Reality is Kiki lived a horrible life. I might sound harsh, but I always felt actions speak louder than words or pictures.
Yesterday was the worst day of my life. After taking him to the vet, we were directed to an emergency vet hospital. When we arrived at the emergency clinic, Kiki was in a deep pain and kept whimpering. The Vet immediately examined Kiki, they took X-rays, and most importantly, he was given pain medication. The X-rays showed that the deep pain Kiki was in was a result of severe intestinal issues (intussusception). Unfortunately, the medical diagnosis was very negative and we had to think about his quality of life and we had to make the difficult decision to let him go.
My husband and I accompanied Kiki until his last moment. Kiki looked calm, and I had the opportunity to pet him and express my love for the last time. In a few minutes Kiki fell asleep and began his ascent in silence and without reproach or screams.
We were with Kiki a moment and asking ourselves why his former family gave Kiki a miserable life??
Although this experience was devastating for me because I had never before experienced euthanizing, I know that Kiki is free from pain. It was a real honor to meet Kiki, he was a beautiful gift that I got to bring him home although our time together was short.
Thank you for everything you gave me, dear Kiki… thanks for the love you express to us despite the horrible things that you lived through with you prior family.
Although, I think today I feel sadder than yesterday and angrier by knowing the past little Kiki had to experience with a filthy family with no sense of decency. I am glad I helped my little Kiki move on to the unknown dimension in a gentle manner and with dignity and you do not have to die in a dirty yard or in a shelter. So my dear Kiki, thank you for being the lovable baby that life intended for you.”