Rainbow Bridge

Meet Gidget

                    Gidget’s health has been declining since she has been in rescue she will now be a Forever Our’s pup   Gidget is an adorable little senior girl who ended up in the County shelter. She is 13 years old and full of love. She had a […]

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Meet Yoyo

PUPDATE: Yoyo has been in his foster home for over a year now making him 16 years old. He is getting arthritis in his back and back legs. we have decided due to his age and declining health he will remain with his foster for the rest of his life welcome home Yoyo   Yoyo

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Meet Jack

RIP MY SWEET HANDSOME MAN I LOVE YOU FOREVER   Jack was found as a stray is an adorable little guy who is blind left on the streets to fend for himself. He is super sweet and loves to lay outside in the sun. Even tho he is blind he gets around just fine. He

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Meet Boomer

  RIP SWEET LITTLE MAN PUPDATE: Boomer has been in his foster home for over a year he is getting arthritis and going blind. Due to his declining health he will stay in his forever home for the rest of his life. Welcome home Boomer   Boomer is a little doll at 11 years old

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Meet Pete

Pete is a awesome little guy full of energy everyone loved him at events but no one wanted to adopt him because he was 13. Pete is now 16 years old and still has the same amount of energy. RIP little bud. Hello my name is Pete I’m 13 years old I had a family

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Meet Teddy

our sweet little Teddy crossed the bridge 10/04/2016     We discovered that our sweet little 15 year old Teddy has a grade 3 heart murmur and Valley Fever. Due to his age and health we decided he should join our Forever program. This means he will live the rest of his life with his

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Meet Kolbe

On 2/12/2016 this sweet little boy crossed the bridge. He had a tumor and it was Cancer. RIP my sweet boy I will miss you   Kolbe is a sweet guy who is between 7-9 years old. He somehow ended up at the county shelter with open soars on his back, full of ticks, and an infected

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