Meet Vera

5-11-2023 VERA UPDATE😞 From her  foster mom…

Oh Vera 😔. My sweet YLR foster went to work with me today to get her staples removed, and I decided to do an internal anal gland check due to recent issues defecating (she struggles), walking weird, being hunched, and a change in appearance back there. Deep down I knew that it wasn’t anal gland related, but I was not expecting to find a golf ball sized mass in there. The mass was confirmed by 2 doctors and rads with barium. Unfortunately it is not in a location where it can be removed. Because of this, it has been decided to not proceed with further surgeries (she still has lots of mammary masses, is not spayed, and has bad teeth (thankfully the loose ones were pulled during her mass removal). We are sad to announce that we will start her on palliative/hospice care.
My heart is broken, but I am going to make whatever time she has, the best time of her life.

🙏🏼 Please donate and help support Vera during her hospice care. 😞


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Please meet Vera, an estimated 10-11 year old sweetheart. Vera came to us from the county shelter due to having mammary masses. She has a full chain of masses on the left side, along with multiple on the right. She will require surgery for each side, plus 2 additional surgeries to spay and do a much needed dental. Unfortunately, they have to be separate surgeries due to not having enough tissue to close if they do more than 1 at a time, and everything will depend on how she heals from getting the left chain, which includes a large mass, removed. Vera doesn’t know that there’s anything wrong with her, and she’s very spunky, sweet, and vocal! She loves to be with people, go for walks, eat, and voice her opinions. She’s quite active, but she is also a great lap warmer. She seems to love everyone and does well with dogs and cats. Please watch for her updates as she goes through her surgeries!