Meet Sophie

We are so happy to announce that Sophie found her forever mom! 

Sophie update 🐾
Sophie had her dental cleaning procedure a couple days ago and is recovering well. She unfortunately had 27 teeth extracted due to severe dental disease. Once healed Sophie will be ready for adoption. Sophie just turned 11 years old and has a sweet, shy and cautious personality. She loves being with her foster mom and loves to snuggle. She will do best in a home with no young children, no cats and no hyper dogs. If you would like to be considered please submit an adoption application and her foster will contact you with more information.



Please help us welcome Sophie! Sophie just turned 11 years old on February 28. We are still getting to know her but so far she is extremely sweet, loves to be right by her foster all the times, is quite and shy. She will do best in a quite home with no young aged children, no young/ hyper dogs and no cats or other small animals (rabbits, birds etc.) Sophie is 9 pounds and the perfect dog to cuddle and relax with you all day. Sophie will see our veterinarian soon and will need a dental cleaning before she will be ready for adoption.