Meet Norwood








Norwood was our forever foster. When he came to us in August of 2015, he was in bad, bad, terrible shape. He was very malnourished (you can feel and see his spine and ribs) and he just didn’t look all that great. Rather than serve as a half-way place for him to go onto another temp-foster home, Jenn and I decided to keep him as our forever foster and have him with us for however long he decided he wanted to remain with us.

Honestly, we didn’t think he’d last a week, much less a month, when we took him in. But to our surprise, and relief, he not only made it past a month but thrived and blossomed for more than a year. I like to think he recognized he had a home where love was in abundance and where he would be surrounded by many furry brothers and sisters as the cause to his turnaround and 12 month-plus run of as a healthy and loved life as possible.

Though obviously an elder canine (we think he was at least 14 years old) I often called Norwood my “Young Man” cuz he would have these funny spurts of energy and vigor that caught me by surprise. Though blind, deaf, and toothless, he was one of the most vocal voices in the house. I will miss that. I miss you Young Man. I hope you knew how much you were loved and know how much you are missed…






Little Norwood ended up in a very high kill shelter. When we rescued him he had some intestinal issues, a mouth full of rotten teeth, was not neutered and was losing all his hair. Norwood is 14 years old and we decided he deserved to live a special life with his foster mom and be the spoiled little senior he should be. He had a life of neglect he deserves the best. Norwood is on a special diet, pro-botics, toothless now neutered and his beautiful hair is growing back.