Meet William




This sweet boy came to us after he was hit by a car in mid November, and he is approximately 8.5 months old (as of early December). He is a very tough little guy! He sustained at least 4 pelvic fractures and has at least 1 sacroiliac luxation (possibly both, but scans were inconclusive). In layman’s terms, that just means that his pelvis was/is detached from his sacrum. He came in to my work minutes after being hit, and was very much in shock, had no anal tone, and no control of his urine. He took a bit of time to stabilize, but once he did, he never looked back! Right now, he’s still healing and on crate rest, but he very much wants to be a puppy. He wants to play with the dogs and cats here, and I can’t wait for him to be able to be a puppy. He is such a happy boy, and his tail never stops wagging! He loves belly rubs, and just being with people. While his legs and spine are slightly off, he gets around great, and has regained full control of his bowels and urine. He still has a few more things to get through right now. He will be getting xrays this coming week to check his progress. Once he is fully healed from his fractures, we will wait a few weeks, then he will need to be neutered. He will not be ready for adoption for awhile, and we are not yet accepting applications for him. Watch for updates on this sweet boy!